Samantha Griffin is our Workshops Officer on Taskforce this year. This means she will be responsible for putting together a wonderful array of workshops for us, including the always entertaining and action-packed Crisis Workshop this year. She is also our resident tech-expert and graphic designer on Taskforce. The design you will have on your t-shirts this year is a masterpiece by Sam, and the same goes for any graphic design you have seen on our Facebook page. We would be lost without her, and probably reliant on ClipArt without her skills.

Sam is a passionate Arts/Law student majoring in International Relations at the University of Tasmania. Not only is Sam a dedicated student, she is also an enthusiastic volunteer and Executive member of UN Youth Tasmania, where this year she put her experience to fantastic use as the Convenor of UN Youth Tasmania’s State Conference. Some of Sam’s specialty knowledge areas include: the failings of the International Criminal Court, the carbohydrate content in various foods, and how to get your cats to help you with your assignments. Youth Parliament are very lucky to have Sam on our Taskforce for the second year in a row to liven up the conference with her witty humour and charm!

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