Briar Walker is our Advocacy Officer on Taskforce for 2017. She will be organising some amazing guests to come and participate in our Speakers’ Panels. She will also be running our Advocacy workshops during the week of Youth Parliament. This year Advocacy sessions will facilitate lots of fascinating and in depth conversations on areas including: Gender and Sexuality, Mental Health, Innovation and Energy, Climate Change and the Environment, Engaging with Education, and Employment and the Economy.

Briar is a local Hobart girl who has been interested in debating the big issues her whole life. She first experienced Youth Parliament in 2013 when she attended in Grade 10, and has continued her involvement in the program ever since. When Briar isn’t being an awesome Forensic Science student at Deakin University, she’s volunteering at the Peace Trust, Amnesty international, and standing up for the rights of women in her communities. Some of Briar’s specialty knowledge areas include Quakerism, and how to make the most of your Gap year. She’s a fun, hilarious, and passionate girl who has grown up with Youth Parliament and we are blessed to have her on our team!

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