Hollie Jackson is our Youth Parliament Treasurer for 2017. During the week, she’ll also be one of our Welfare Officers. This means if you’re having any problems on camp- no matter how big or small, you can have a chat to Hollie who will be able to give you a hand.

As well as studying our YP numbers, Hollie is another one of our Taskforce who is currently studying an Arts/Law degree at the University of Tasmania. A modern feminist superhero, Hollie is undertaking Gender Studies in order to achieve her long term goal of quashing the patriarchy. Another of her long held goals is to acquire a red diplomat’s passport when she grows up.

Alongside her other pursuits, including volunteering for UN Youth and Amnesty International; Hollie is currently attempting to cultivate an apple tree despite aggressive moths and a lack of rain. Hollie’s special knowledge areas include fudge varieties, gardening, and what it’s like to be one half of a pair of twins!

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